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How to set up parental control software

Parental Controls For Netflix

Parental Controls For Netflix

Netflix has some great video content for kids, but how do parents ensure that the shows kids and teens are accessing are suitable for their child?

Netflix has parental controls and some different options for filtering content for children and teens. There is no substitute for parental supervision, as some content whilst not adult as such might still be unsuitable for your child. And mistakes can happen so no parental controls are 100% secure.

Netflix allows account holders to set up sub-accounts or profiles for each family member. This allows each profile user to tailor their viewing according to the shows they like to watch, and parents can also set children’s profiles with custom filters and parental controls. Parents can also just use the Netflix “Just For Kids” profile, which is set with under 12year old restricted content. To use the “Kids” profile make sure you open this already filtered  profile before your child starts viewing. It’s a good idea to scroll through the content on Netflix “Just For Kids” and ensure you are happy with all the content. Some content may not be suitable for younger children.

Netflix Kids
Netflix Kids App/Account
Netflix Kids App/Account


Setting Up A Filtered Child or Teen Account

The main Netflix account holder can set up a Netflix child or teen account with content restrictions according to their age, but only through a P.C computer browser, like Safari or Google Chrome or Edge.

After logging into your Netflix account in your P.C computer browser i.e Safari, Google Chrome or Edge, click  “Manage Profiles” and then click the profile you want to edit, or create a new profile. Set the parental controls according to your child’s age or needs, or click “Kid” to simply enable an under 12years old account. Click Save.


Manage Profiles
Set Netflix Parental Controls


If your child or teen then tried to access content that is beyond the restriction you have placed on their profile, they will get a message to tell them it is restricted. Children can search and see content that is over the age of the set limit, but cannot access it with this filtering setting.

Netflix Blocked Content By Parental Controls

For Mobile Netflix or T.V App

If you set up these custom filters on your families profiles through your P.C accessed Netflix account, the settings will work across all your devices i.e iPad, Tablet, Phone, T.V App, if logged into that same Netflix account. If you don’t have a P.C and only have Netflix on your T.V or mobile device such as an iPad, iPhone or other tablet, you cannot custom the filter for age group but only enable a “Kid” filter on the profile you select. Which would set the profile you set it on, as an under 12year old rated profile. You can only add new profiles through a P.C browser not through the Netflix App.

On Mobile devices Open the Mobile Netflix App. Above the list of profiles you will see an “Edit” menu option top right of screen of all the profiles, click “Edit” and then click the profile you wish to set to “For Kids” toggle to right, click “Save” and then “Done”. You child’s profile should then just show all the content that is usually on the “Kids” profile.

Netflix Parental Controls On Mobile

On Smart T.V or Apple T.V

Go to the Netflix App, scroll to the top of the screen then sideways past “Search” “Categories” to the “Profiles” tab, click and scroll under the profile you wish to set to “For Kids” click on the edit “Pencil” icon. Click in the “For Kids” box and then click “Finished”

Securing All Profiles With Pin Protection For Access To Adult Content

For extra security you can create a pin password to prevent access to adult content across all profiles. So that all profiles are limited to a suitable level of child or teen content, unless a pin is entered.

Set up a parent Pin Password to access adult content, by going to the main Netflix profile’s account information, either through your P.C browser or via your mobile app, or mobile browser. (not available through the T.V app). Click “Account” In

Netflix Account Settings

On your Account Page, Scroll down to Parental Controls and click.

Enter your Netflix main Account Password in next Screen  (make sure your kids don’t know it, and you haven’t saved it to your browsers saved password list!)


Create a “Hard To Guess” Pin (not 0000 as shown below) and select the level of content filtering that you want, click save. This filtering level will then cover all profiles on the one main Netflix account. If you want to disable this pin, go to same settings and select the limit all the way up to Adults.

Content Filtering In Netflix


If you want to watch adult content above the level set, you will now be prompted for the 4 digit pin you just created, to access the show you want to watch. Make sure you keep the 4 digit pin in a safe place. Note: “Forgot Pin” will ask for the Netflix Account Password to retrieve it, so keep your main Netflix account password secret and hidden from the kids.

Pin Code Prompt Netflix
Pin Code Prompt Netflix

Note: Although you cannot stop a determined child from accessing the other profiles if they are listed on the device or smart T.V this Pin can at least ensure an extra level of security.

Summing UP

Creating a profile for each child with viewing restrictions and adding a security PIN on all profiles to access adult content, you should be able to protect a child from accessing Netflix content you don’t want them to view. These settings are “Cloud Based” So they will cover every device you enable this particular Netflix Account on.

Viewing History

The main account holder can see individual profiles viewing history in the account login, by clicking on the account you wish to view, and going to that profiles account page.


It is a good idea to log out of your Netflix account settings when logged in through a browser, after changing account settings, to prevent shared users and children from changing or trying to change settings. All users will still be logged in via the App.


Make sure your viewing boundaries are clear with your child. And always keep all devices and T.V’s within your supervision, until children are old enough and mature enough to watch adult content.


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