Cyber Safety Education & Protection Is Key To Online Safety

Leonie believes that education and protection are the keys to staying safe online. Adults and children need to be educated about how their technology actually works, as well as understand how to keep themselves safe online, through behavioural changes and privacy and safety settings.

Parents also need to understand why their kids love technology and embrace it!

Leonie was an early adopter of digital technology and the internet for – marketing – online support communities – and multi media, going back some 20 years. Her attitude to the online world, video gaming, social media and online media is enthusiastic to say the least.

Leonie’s talks to students are often met with cheers, finally a grown up who isn’t an old “Fuddy Duddy” about technology, she doesn’t just tell them what NOT to do. She shows students how to keep themselves safe online and gives them tips on how to grow into amazing digital citizens who can moderate their own online use, so that it is balanced and healthy.

 Leonie Smith Portrait

 Not Just Fear Tactics!

Leonie has a positive and common sense approach to cyber safety and actually offers very practical solutions for families and business. She advises her private clients and attendees at her talks on parental controls, privacy settings and internet filters. She also offers solutions to help with computer and gaming addiction, cyber bullying and privacy issues.

Business Clients

Leonie educates business on how they can help their employees present well on social media, as well as navigate the increasing frequency of scams and virus’s that they may come across. She helps private clients update their privacy and computer security settings and gives them tips on maintaining a professional profile online. See Leonie’s Corporate page here

How-To Video’s And Her Cyber Safety Manual

Leonie’s videos on YouTube give step by step instructions on how to set up privacy and safety settings on your computer or mobile devices. Her advanced privacy settings for Facebook has had over 100 thousand views at last count.

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Her manuals, “Keeping Kids Safe Online” and “Keeping You Safe Online” are important companions to her presentations and workshops. Both the parent and student versions of these manuals provide a unique Step-By-Step up to date guide for cyber safety safety settings and education. They include important instructions for setting up safe search options for search engines, and safety settings for mobile devices and Windows and Apple PC’s, and privacy settings for social media. Parents snap these up at Leonie’s talks or purchase them online. Thousands of copies sold!

Leonie Works With

Leonie is a much sought after commentator on cyber safety and digital citizen issues. She has appeared on 60 minutes, The Project, Many T.V news programs, The Living Room, and many other current affair T.V productions, radio broadcasts and in print media.

She works closely with the Northern Beaches Area command with their Police Youth Liaison officers giving technology and cyber safety talks to schools on the Northern Beaches from Manly – Palm Beach.

Leonie advices educators on cyber safety and digital education to encourage more awareness of digital safety in school communities

Leonie was an ambassador for the Federal Governments Stay Smart Online Campaign in 2013.

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