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“Happy And Safe Online”

Empowering Parents And Carers To Have Happy Digital Families

Being a digital parent or carer is not easy. The confusing nature of the internet can sometimes feel like a tangled “Web” where parents are often struggling to keep up with their kids online world.

Parents are told they need to set fair boundaries around devices and online platforms whilst encouraging safety online, but how do you do that when it’s so hard to control?

As a mother of 4 adult children, Leonie has done the hard yards from the perspective of a digital parent and as one of Australia’s most experienced cyber safety educators and digital parent coaches. Leonie helps parents and carers via her seminars and her coaching services to work with their families to create a safe and happy online experience.


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What Do Parents and Carers Gain From Attending A Seminar With Leonie Smith?

This seminar is also suitable for anyone who is caring or working with children and young people who want an insight into digital parenting and young peoples digital world safety and balance.

Parents and carers leave Leonie’s talks feeling empowered and certainly better informed. Attendees will receive practical tips and insights into what their children are experiencing online, alongside guidance on digital parenting. They will get tips on ways to supervise their children better online, learn how to judge the safety of an app or platform, and learn how to navigate screentime issues and family drama around online devices.

The Digital Families “Happy And Safe Online” Seminar for parents and carers is about taking the fear out of the internet and finding harmony around digital devices within families.

Leonie’s Cyber Safety Manual “Keeping Kids Safe Online”, underpins the information that parents receive at her presentations.

Parents and carers will learn about:

  • Screentime Balance
  • Setting Fair Boundaries
  • Family Digital Agreements
  • Cyber Bullying Help
  • Dealing with Online Drama
  • Apps & Games – Safety Tips
  • Parenting Kids On Social Media
  • Open digital conversations
  • Mentoring & Supervising Your Digital Child
  • Building Digital Trust With Your Child
  • Digital Family Harmony
  • Resources and Getting Help

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