Talks For Parents And Carers

“Happy And Safe Online”

90 minute digital parenting session with optional Q&A after.

Newington School Presentation


Empowering Parents To Have Happy Digital Families

Navigating the digital world of our children takes a combination of understanding what they are doing, and how parents can get on board with their children’s time online.

Setting fair boundaries and understanding the safer use of internet connected devices is an essential part of raising todays young digital citizens.

As a mum of 4 with over 10 years experience as a digital parenting educator Leonie has done the hard yards from the perspective of a digital parent and as one of Australia’s most experienced cyber safety educators.


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What Do Parents Learn?

Parents leave Leonie’s talks feeling empowered and certainly better informed. Parents and carers receive practical tips and insights into what their children are experiencing online. If a parent seminar is held after the cyber safety student talks, they also get feedback from what was discussed during the cyber safety student talks, to help them have conversations around online safety at home.

Further Education And Practical Solutions

Leonie’s Cyber Safety Manual “Keeping Kids Safe Online” with step by step instructions for safety & privacy settings, underpins the information that parents receive at her presentations.

Parents learn about:

  • The digital world of kids – Where are they going?
  • Popular apps – hidden traps
  • Protecting children from adult content
  • Understanding age ratings
  • Playing online games safely
  • Sexting – Online grooming
  • Dealing with cyber bullying
  • Avoiding screentime drama
  • Where to get help
  • School and Community support

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Combine a 60min Cyber Safety Talk with a 1/2 hour presentation from Fred Bretthauer Family Mediator on Resolving conflict around digital technology.

“Ditch The Drama Around Kids Digital Devices”

Resolving Family Conflict Around Screens

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