Digital Families Podcast With Martine Oglethorpe

Digital Families Podcast With Martine Oglethorpe

Martine Oglethorpe “The Modern Parent

My guest today is Martine Oglethorpe from The Modern Parent. Martine is a mother to five boys with a background in secondary education and a Masters in Counselling. Through her personal and professional work with families raising children, she recognises the important role technology plays in the lives of young people today and thus the role we can play in not only their safety but their social and emotional wellbeing.

Martine has a passionate interest in helping families to safely navigate the modern world of parenting in a way that offers understanding as well as practical and realistic strategies. She is a Trusted eSafety Provider with the Office of the eSafety Commission and has presented to numerous parent groups, schools and teachers around Australia.

Martine also is an Author of several books, her latest is titled “The Modern Parent” Found here for sale in hard copy or eBook

In todays podcast Martine and I talked about what parents can do when they feel overwhelmed by screen time and tech in their home. If you have a child that throws a wobbly every time you try to get them to do something else other than using a screen, Martine has some very helpful tips. Martine and I also talk about how to develop positive relationships with the screens in your home, particularly during this intense time.

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