Digital Families Podcast with Panel

Digital Families Podcast with Panel

Locked In Digital Families

Todays podcast we talk about the increase of Cyber Bullying and children being exposed to dangerous media like porn during Covid19. The office of the eSafety commissioner has reported a steep increase in reports of cyber bullying, extortion and image based abuse since lockdown. “The number of people reporting behaviour such as cyberbullying, image-based abuse and sex-based extortion has more than tripled since coronavirus restrictions took effect, according to the eSafety Commissioner, Julie Inman Grant.”

We also discuss the future of technology and schools after Covid19 What influences might the lock down have on technology in education? What worked what didn’t and will parents find it difficult to pull back from being involved in their child’s learning in order to allow schools to do their jobs? How are HSC students coping with this new way of learning and a more uncertain future?

Guests of the podcast today are Collett Smart psychologist, qualified teacher, speaker and internationally published author, Tricia Munn a Cyber Safety expert from Eyes Open Social Media Safety, Jenny Hoey “mum of 3 and Parent Awareness Advocate at Porn Resilient Kids, an initiative of Youth Wellbeing Project” and Caitlin Lamour ICT Integrator at St Catherines School and Caitlin Lamour ICT Integrator Twitter @caitlinlamour at St Catherines School Sydney.

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