Digital Families Podcast with Tricia Munn

Digital Families Podcast with Tricia Munn
Tricia Munn Eyes Open Social Media Safety

Tricia Munn has just one goal. To protect school aged children, families and adults from the widespread dangers that exist on social media networks. Through personal experience, years of diligent research and investigation, Tricia has identified critical problems in the security functions provided on all major social media platforms.

Tricia’s dream is to help every family keep their children safe on social media while they are still able to enjoy the tremendous relationships to be had online.

In todays Vodcast/podcast Tricia Munn from “Eyes Open Social Media Safety” and I chat about how to keep your children safe from online predators, how “sharenting” where parents share news and photos about their children online can be done with more consideration to safety. Why is it that social media safety advocates keep banging on about protecting your child’s personal information and even photos online? We talk about why learning about the privacy settings on platforms are so important, and what can happen if you don’t set those settings to most secure. Live streaming is the BIG issue of the moment according to Trish, and we talk about how you as a parent can be more aware of what your child is doing online, especially now with Covid19 and the difficulties with us all being online more often.

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