Is Talking Angela Safe For Kids?

Is Talking Angela Safe For Kids?

Talking Angela's Eye
Talking Angela’s Eye

After reading all the stories about the game app called “Talking Angela” rated 4+ available on iTunes and Google+ and being linked to pedophiles I decided to take a look at it. The only danger I can really see after a few hours with it on, is danger from marketing overload!

I wouldn’t recommend this app to any kids or parents as it, like so many apps on the online game stores, are so heavily slanted towards monitization that it comes across as mercenary. Yes you can turn off the advertisingfor a price, but it will still prompt you to spend money for game coins, or watch advertisements.

There is a “child mode” switch on the app, which prevents the text chat ability, but there is nothing to stop a child from turning it back onto adult mode. In the few hours that I had the app open it didn’t ask me any questions that were impertinent or really invasive. The developers assure users that they don’t keep data associated with location but use a child’s age, name to make the app work better. But you had better watch what you say on the app. For kids they should definitely use a made up pseudo name.

I tried to annoy the cat, and to get the cat into a conversation that might be seems as provocative, and it actually brushed me off!

Such a pity that this app is so heavily monitized, because it is quite cute. Angela the cat is quite precocious though and a little bit too sexy looking….unless that’s what you are after of course…

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Is Talking Angela Safe For Kids?  On first look it seems so, certainly haven’t yet seen any evidence that confirms the rumours going around. Snopes and Naked Security also have a post on this disputing that any of the claims are true. Well respected blog Mashable have also spoken to the developer about the accusations which have now propelled this app to the top of the iTunes store! There’s a rumour about a man’s reflection in the eye but I think it’s simply an optical illusion brought on by an overly active imagination.

Below is a video I did showing you how Talking Angela works and showing you what some of the rumours are warning of.

If anything positive does come out of this, it would be that parents will pay a little more attention to what apps their kids are using. It’s sad that many social media apps meant for adults like Kik Messenger where kids ARE actually getting contacted by adult strangers and drawn into sexual conversations and being sent and asked for nude photos and yes there is actual evidence, are not being deleted by parents. I guess it’s more exiting to have a conspiracy.

Rating: 2 out of 10

The 2 is for nice graphics and fun ability to imitate the users voice or sounds.

More information about the security of Talking Angela from the developers Outfit7 Here:

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There are many “Talking” game apps like this.

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  • Cole

    there is nothing wrong with the app all the reported stroies are false because most people dont know what trolling is and what it is is a joke or lie made up for the preson who made it enjoyment my kids use the app all the time and hell even i use it and in no instance has it done anything that involed sex exept when child mode is off but even then if you ask it about sex it will just get mad and say go away that or if it tells you to stop talking about sex so in short leave it on child mode and dont try and talk dirty with it what you need to watch out for is degrasee jersy shore and smut like that. that crap is discusting

  • leena

    its true all my school is warning about it and talking about it the guy in angelas eye is in the 60 and that has warning everywhere and he kiddnaped 25 kids and he killed them he is doing like that because he wants more money!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jasmine Valentine

    I am doing an investigation like this people could easily photoshop a picture into the eyes of talking angela and post it on social media but this is what im here for to investigate talking angela in more detail

  • MeganPlayz

    I dont know….i always thought this was fake and kept saying to people who believed “How Can 1 Man ask questions to over 500 children?” but now i have proof it seems real now! I dont know what to believe:( Help 🙁