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Cyber Safety Talk For Parents


Leonie Smith is “The Cyber Safety Lady”

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Sydney based, Leonie is one of Australias leading Cyber Safety Experts. Her practical “How To” approach to Cyber Safety gives attendees the tools to help solve issues around cyber safety, cyber bullying, protecting kids from adult content and online security. Leonie travels all over Australia and internationally to present her unique style of seminars. 

Tailor Made Cyber Safety Presentations 

  • Primary and High School Students Grades 3-12
  • Parents and Carers
  • Youth Workers andTeaching Staff
  • Community Groups – Seniors
  • Workplace groups

Booking FAQ’s

Fees: Costs and fee structure for the talks and workshops will be sent to you on receipt of your booking request.

Leonie is Sydney based: Travel costs outside the Sydney metro area are extra, costs will be emailed to you after receipt of your booking enquiry. Overnight travel will require TWO consecutive dates to be available.

Booking more than one Talk: There is a limit of 3 talks per day. If you wish to book more than 3 talks please book for 2 days. (does not need to be consecutive)

Attendee Size Limits: There is no limit on audience size. But Student talks are targeted to age groups see below.

School Bookings: Whilst there is no limit on audience size, Leonie does not present a “One Size Fits All” talk for all grades. See the class breakdown for students below in the booking enquiry form. Leonie doesn’t mix junior and senior students in Primary or Secondary levels. This ensures maximum engagement and tangible results for each age group.

Reserving Dates: Due to high demand we only keep a reserved date for 10 days if we don’t hear back. You may re-option the date you prefer after 10 days, if it is still available. Dates are only locked in after a 50% deposit has been received. Please only select ONE preferred date, unless your booking includes overnight travel, or more than 3 talks. 

How To Make A Booking Enquiry?

Booking Enquiry: Fill out the booking request form below, indicate preferred date on calendar, if it is available, and Click SEND. You will then automatically receive an email with a link to your original booking enquiry that you may return to if you need to alter, cancel or change dates or presentation types. Within 24 hours you will also receive Leonie’s fee schedule and more information about her presentations.

To Cancel Booking Enquiry: Return to your original confirmation email received after submitting your Booking Request and click the link to your booking enquiry to cancel. Note: Your booking enquiry will be automatically cancelled after 10 days if we haven’t heard back from you with a firm commitment. Letting us know early if you do wish to cancel your booking enquiry, will help free up the date for other clients.

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Note: Student talks only available for Grades 3 - 12. You can book talks for individual grades. Available grade groupings according to maturity listed below. No limit on attendee numbers but max 3 presentations per day.

 Parents Only Talk
 Primary Students Talk Grades 3-4
 Primary Students Talk Grades 5-6
 High School Student Talk Grades 7-8
 High School Student Talk Grades 9-10
 High School Student Talk All Senior Grades 9-12
 High School Student Talk Grades 11-12
 Teaching Staff/Youth Worker Talk
 Business Group Talk
 Seniors Group Talk
 Live Video Presentation

Bookings are available Monday - Fri from 10am - 8.30pm. Locations beyond the Northern Beaches, no earlier than 11am start time, due to peak hour traffic delays.

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