“The New Teen Age” Digital Families Podcast

“The New Teen Age” Digital Families Podcast

My guest on this weeks Digital Families Podcast  is Jo Lamble clinical Psychologist and co Author of the book “The New Teen Age” how to parent teens to become healthy happy adults. Jo Lamble and Dr Ginni Mansberg co Authored this book for parents which has just been published. Jo Lamble is a Clinical Psychologist who has been practicing for over 25 years.

Together with Sue Morris, Jo has published four books: Motherhood: Making it work for you; Side by Side: How to think differently about your relationship; Online and Personal: The reality of Internet relationships; and The Partner test: How well are the two of you suited? Jo has also published Answers to Everyday Questions about Relationships and Detox your Relationship.

Jo Lamble
Jo Lamble co-Author of “The NEW Teen Age”

About “The New Teen Age”

“Finally parenting advice that talks both to the physical and the psychological issues at play in the teenage years specifically designed for parents step-parents and carers who are confused and bemused by the conflicting advice on the best way to raise a happy healthy teenager.”

The book features many well known parent experts and health professionals including a few quotes from myself in regards to online safety. It discusses Teens and Sleep, Teen health, Puberty, Teens and social media, and so much more. 

In todays podcast Jo Lamble and I focus on Teens and their sleep, their digital device use, tracking our teens via tracking apps and devices…Yes or No? We talk about sleep overs and the tricky conversations around confiscating phones at sleep overs, how to do it kindly and with safety.

I really loved this book. Jo and Ginni’s practical down to earth non alarmist approach is refreshing and non parent blaming. Acknowledging that they have also had their fair share of teen mishaps as have I! We had a great time chatting about teens and our experiences I hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

Where To Buy The Book?

Book Cover for The New Teen Age
The New Teen Age

You can find this book at all the usual book stores or order from Booktopia

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