Online Gaming Scammers Targeting Children – Digital Families Podcast

Online Gaming Scammers Targeting Children – Digital Families Podcast

Digital Families Podcast Episode 41

Paul Litherland
Paul Litherland

For over a decade, as a former technology crime police officer and now under the banner of Surf Online Safe, Paul has dedicated himself to educating children, parents and teachers on the subject of Internet Awareness.

As a parent himself, Paul adds that extra insight to his presentations as he is more that aware of the fear and apprehension parents have regarding the internet and the dangers that are out there.

In this episode Paul and I talk about the very difficult issue of children being scammed via online game platforms where there is the risk for losing large amounts of money for families via the virtual currency available on games like Fortnite, Roblox, and Minecraft.

We also discuss “Sextortion” which is not just an issue for young people but people of all ages that fall into the trap of an online predator who blackmails them into sharing sexually explicit photos or video of themselves. It starts with an online friend requests and can end up with the victim at the mercy of an extortionist.

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