Digital Families Podcast with Kim Maslin

Digital Families Podcast with Kim Maslin

Kim Maslin Digital Technology Educator

Kim Maslin is a passionate educator and author currently living in Esperance, Western Australia. Her background is in ICT, and has taught learners aged 5 to 85-year-olds how to use digital technologies. She has worked as a specialist Science & Technologies teacher. Kim also runs her own Digital Technologies Education Business, providing digital marketing workshops and consultancy, plus graphic and web design services.

In 2017, Kim launched a cyber safety book series, titled The Tweeting Galah. These collection of short stories are designed to educate children on how to be safe and happy online, with the use of augmented reality technology accompanying the vivid illustrations. The series is currently being used by over 7,000 families and schools across Australia.

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In this Vod/Podcast I talk to Kim about how this pandemic is effecting teachers and learning remotely. Kim discusses the sorts of issues she is seeing in schools as they learn how to use new technology to teach students, in ways that they never envisioned they would have to learn. We discuss how important it is for parents to also understand the difficulties from educational staff.

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