Online Zoom Presentations

Online Zoom Presentations

Interactive – Polls – Hands Up – Q&A – NOT BORING!

Screenshot from a recent parent webinar


Can’t Do Face To Face? No worries Leonie’s got it covered.

With Covid19 now affecting face to face group meetings Leonie Smith can present all her seminars via an online meeting Zoom webinar with video on demand for those that missed the seminar.

Leonie has given talks to various groups all over the globe via Zoom all you need is reasonable internet connection and a screen. Online presentations allow Leonie to talk directly to your group and to take question and answers during the seminar.

Not A Boring Webinar!

Leonie has 16 years experience of running meetings online. As an experienced podcaster and radio host, Leonie is used to planning her meetings so that they are engaging and entertaining as well as informative and interactive. Your attendees will come away from Leonie’s online sessions feeling empowered and energised.


Screenshot from a recent Seniors Webinar


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