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“Dating” App Tinder Changes Age Restriction To 17+ On iTunes

“Dating” app “Tinder” has had their age restriction increased on the iTunes app store. It was previously 12+ it has now been increased to 17+ as have many other “Dating” apps on the iTunes store recently. There has been quite a bit of negative publicity around Tinder lately in regards to teenagers using it to meet… Continue Reading

Vine Video Enables Video Messages

Important: Enable Your Privacy Settings On Vine! The popular video sharing app Vine has recently released an update, Vine now includes private text and video messaging between users and non users. Instagram has had private photo or video messaging for a few months, so it’s not surprising that Vine has now launched the same option.… Continue Reading

Sharing Kids Photos Safely On Facebook

Sharing Kids Photos Safely On Facebook

All photos on Facebook can be copied and downloaded. Photo: Stock photo from Edited 05/02/19 to bring up to date. I was interviewed this morning on 2UE about this article in the Sydney Morning Herald, where a father found out that a photo he shared on Facebook of his child in the bath got… Continue Reading

Facebook Disabled Hide Your Name From Facebook Search

Facebook Disabled Hide Your Name From Facebook Search

  Facebook have just announced that they have disabled the setting in privacy where you could hide your name from Facebook’s search engine. Not to be confused with Hiding your Facebook profile from Public search engines like Google…I’ll explain. Previously, you could hide your Facebook profile name from being able to be searched within Facebook’s… Continue Reading

California’s New Law For Minors To Take Down Embarrassing Content From The Internet

Our children shouldn’t have their childhood/teen escapades and embarrassing moments haunt them for the rest of their days due to their youthful indiscretions being stored on social media and being found through online search. We’d like to think that our kids can mess up a little and start their adult lives with a clean slate… Continue Reading

Facebook’s New Data Use Policy Wants To Use Your Name & Photo In Advertising

Facebook have just announced proposals for new changes to their terms of service. Facebook have allowed objections and comments from their users for 7 days until they decide if they go ahead with this. You can make your comments under the announcement here along with the hundreds of others so far. As I’m not a… Continue Reading