A Girls & Boys Guide To Puberty Digital Families Podcast with Michelle Mitchell

A Girls & Boys Guide To Puberty Digital Families Podcast with Michelle Mitchell


My guest today is someone I’ve had on Digital Families twice before. Michelle has such an amazing insight into parenting, that I’m constantly recommending her to parents who need good straight talking advice about their children’s issues. 

Michelle Mitchell an author, speaker and advocate for families and parenting teenagers. She is the author of 2 new books, “A Girls Guide To Puberty”, and “A Guys Guide to Puberty”. 

Michelle is also a mother of two teenagers. And lives in Brisbane, Australia. 

In todays podcast Michelle and I discuss what it is like for children going through puberty today with the impact of the digital world on their development. With so many tweens now joining up to social media like Snapchat and Instagram and TikTok, where are they getting their information on development and sexuality.

Michelle’s books “A Girls Guide To Puberty” and “A Boys Guide To Puberty” are fabulous books for children to help them understand the changes their bodies are going through during puberty. Michelle and I talk about how parents can support their children through this confusing time of tantrums, pimples, hugs and hair growing in all sorts of places! We also chat about the influences of the online world with exposure to nudity, porn and influencers are having a huge impact on our young tweens who seem to be growing up faster than ever before.

Michelle and I also tackle Peer Group Pressure around use of Social Media. It’s a really tough one, when so many under 13year olds want to be on apps like Snapchat, TikTok and Instagram.

Find out more about Michelle Here: https://michellemitchell.org

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