How To Resolve Family Disagreements Around Digital Devices

How To Resolve Family Disagreements Around Digital Devices

My guest today is Fred Bretthauer. Fred is a senior Family Dispute Mediator with Catholic Care and a committee member of the Family Law Pathways Network in Sydney. He has been resolving family separation disputes for over 10 years, he also runs education seminars for parents who are experiencing ongoing conflict. Family disputes involving the digital world have also been starting to impact the work that he does.

Every talk I do with parents I inevitably get a question about a family dispute around the digital devices in the home. It might be that the parents have differing ideas around what should be allowed and what should not. Or maybe the parents feel that their children are not complying with rules around devices, or that the parents don’t know how to set boundaries around devices. It could be that each child requires different boundaries due to age or personality and they don’t know how to set those and make them fair?

Some of you may also know that Fred and I have been married for 28 years, so when parents started asking me these tricky questions I knew who to ask for the answers. As a result Fred and I are now being booked together for many parent presentations to cover a broader aspect of digital parenting. Fred presents his 30 min talk titled “Ditch The Drama Around Kids Digital Devices” to more and more schools and parent groups every year. 

Is this you? How easy or hard has it been for your family, separated or together, to be on the same page with digital device use? Lets find some answers so that the phones or games in our families stop being the “Enemy Within!”

During this podcast Fred and I talk about how families can have less drama around digital device use, about parents as mentors and negotiating use of technology with better safer outcomes.

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