Family Safety Online with Martin and Carley McGauran

Family Safety Online with Martin and Carley McGauran

My guests today are Brother and Sister Martin and Carley McGauran, from Inform Empower, eSafety providers based in Melbourne Australia.

Carley and Martin McGauran – Inform Empower

Marty McGauran is a primary school teacher and educational consultant with over 10 years experience in schools. He is a qualified teacher,  holds a Masters of Education (ICT & Digital Learning) as well as being a Google for Education Certified Trainer and Innovator. In 2018 he co-founded ICT EDU Magazine which is a publication that supports effective and innovative teaching and learning with technology.

Carley McGauran has over 15 years experience as a psychologist in the community and private sector. She works with both children and adults, as well as families. Carley’s experience includes providing training/psycho-education to organisations on a variety of topics.Through her extensive work with families in private practice, community agencies and schools, Carley is passionate about early intervention. 

Together they formed Inform & Empower Cyber Safety Education to inform and empower students, teachers and parents to thrive in an online world

In this weeks podcast we talk to Carley and Martin about the role of technology in schools during Covid19. How technology could be used in more advantageous ways moving on from lockdown now that the expertise in remote and connected learning has been accelerated.

We also discuss how parents are coping with the transition to online learning and back. What will happen next year? The positive outcomes of this period of relying on tech for learning and connection.

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