Are we in control of technology, or is technology controlling us?

Are we in control of technology, or is technology controlling us?

My guest today on Digital Families is Dr Kristy Goodwin who is a Digital Wellbeing and Productivity Speaker, Author & Researcher. 

Dr Kristy Goodwin PhD

On todays podcast Kristy and I talk about managing screen time for the whole family. We talk about getting distracted by technology and how it impacts our wellbeing.

Younger children are now starting social media in primary school. How can parents deal with peer group pressure, the fear of their child missing out? What is wrong with having your 10 year old on TikTok or Instagram anyway?

If you have younger children how are you coping with digital technology and choosing appropriate apps and experiences for your younger children, Kristy gives us some tips.

Kristy was formerly a lecturer & Honorary Associate at Macquarie University at the Institute of Early Childhood and has lectured at Notre Dame University. She worked as a primary school and early childhood teacher for fourteen years in a range of educational settings in Australia and Asia. 

In 2004 Kristy was awarded a NSW Quality Teaching Award and in 2007 was awarded an Australian Postgraduate Scholarship for her doctoral studies at Macquarie University where she completed a PhD on the impact of digital technologies on children’s learning. 

Games Kristy mentions in the podcast via


Duck Duck Moose

Nosy Crow

Kristy has written a book, Raising Your Child in a Digital World.  Finding a healthy balance of time online without techno tantrums and conflict.

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