Digital Families Podcast with Small Business Cyber Security Expert Jacqui Loustau

Digital Families Podcast with Small Business Cyber Security Expert Jacqui Loustau

Jacqui Loustau Cynch Security

Welcome to The Digital Families Podcast, this week with Cyber Security expert Jacqui Loustau from Cynch a Small Business Cyber Security fitness company.

This week Jacqui Loustau and myself discuss online security for home and working from home small buisness, during the age of Covid19. Jacqui makes cyber security sound like a very exiting career choice and I agree!

Cyber crime and online scams are ramping up during this pandemic, due to more people than ever being online and often at home, perhaps without the support of their usual I.T expert. You might find that spam is flooding your inbox, and not being caught by your spam folder, perhaps you are getting scam calls. We discuss what users need to be more aware of either as an ordinary user or a business owner or employee during this time.

We discuss the most prevalent scams and how to avoid them.

1. What digital equipment will “do the job” of keeping your precious private data or your business data safe?

2. Do you need to have seperate devices for work and home?

3. What do we need to update regarding software or hardware to stay more secure?

4. Do phones need antivirus?

Don’t delay setting online security for your home business, it could cost your business or your family financially or personally.

Find out more about Cynch a Cyber Security Fitness company Here And a link to information on remote working here

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