Facebook, Bad Memories?

Facebook, Bad Memories?

Have you got “Memories” active on Facebook? This is where you get a notification and re-post of something that you posted previously on Facebook called “On This Day”.

“Your memories are yours, so you should control which ones you see in On This Day. Memories include things like your posts and others’ posts you’re tagged in, major life events and when you became friends with someone on Facebook. Use these filters to help make sure we show you memories from On This Day in a way that’s meaningful for you.”

You can now filter out your bad memories or bad friends (that would be nice…). Perhaps you broke up with someone, or had a falling out with a friend. Or worse, had a very bad day you don’t want to be reminded about. Facebook now offer an option to filter out past relationships gone bad or bad days. You can also…..switch it off! If you haven’t enabled “On This Day” in the first place, you may not have even seen any of these posts.

Delete Your Old Posts!

I always suggest that Facebook users review their old posts through their “Activity Log” every so often anyway, it’s a good idea to delete old posts especially if they have become embarrassing, or might be a bit too private. If you are posting personal family photos it’s a good idea not to keep them up on Facebook, especially for younger family members. Children grow into teens and may not appreciate your enthusiasm in the future for their first step or first potty success! Keep your precious family photos backed up on a hard disc or on your home computer. And always print out the best ones in case the digital world all explodes one day!

To get to your profiles “Activity Log” click the “View Activity Log” button lower right of your profile picture. Then scroll down and delete as you see fit.

Find the Activity Log
Find the Activity Log

How To Switch It Off

You can actually switch “On This Day” off by going to this web  link when you are logged into your account. Click the “Notifications” button and select “Off”.

Switch Facebook's "On This Day" Off
Switch Facebook’s “On This Day” Off

How To Filter Past Posts

Go to the same link and select “Preferences” and then “Edit” and enter the names of people you want to filter or dates.

Filter Settings for Facebook's Memories Feature
Filter Settings for Facebook’s Memories Feature
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