Digital Reputation So Important For Teens

I like this video, it shows perfectly what happens when you combine a lack of understanding around digital reputation, cyber bullying accountability and lack of privacy settings. All are very very important for all of us. Be sure that you educate your teens how to behave online, what the consequences of being a cyber bully are, and how to protect their “brand” profile online.

Here is a new step by step video that shows you how to protect your personal Facebook Profile be sure to watch it and follow the settings (see Below). Then have a look at the advanced Facebook privacy settings video.



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Leonie Smith is a much sought after Cyber Safety expert both as an educator, speaker, workshop presenter and private consultant to teachers, parents, children, Seniors and business. She has been featured on 60Mins, The Project, The Morning Show, Many T.V news bulletins and many print newspapers and magazines in her role as a Cyber Safety spokesperson.

Based in Sydney Australia, Leonie is known as "The Cyber Safety Lady" and is the Author of the online book "Keeping Kids Safe Online" and the Teen Manual "Keeping You Safe Online" available at her talks and from this website as an eBook.
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