The Cyber Safety Lady is Leonie Smith a cyber safety online privacy expert based in Sydney Australia. Leonie provides cyber safety education for parents, students, teachers, seniors and business. She presents talks and workshops to schools, community groups and business to teach better online safety. She is the author of the cyber safety book “Keeping Kids Safe Online” a step by step instruction book on settings up safe settings on computers and software.

Leonie Smith “The Cyber Safety Lady” Can Help!

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Do You Need Help With

  • Social Media Safety
  • Maintaining A Spotless Social Media Profile
  • Keeping your child safe online
  • Protecting your child from online adult content
  • What to do if your child is cyber bullied or preyed upon online
  • How to balance your child’s screen time
  • Kids and smart phones the do’s and don’ts
  • Privacy settings and safe sharing on social media
  • Avoiding online scams
  • Safe Online Gaming

Leonie makes it simple for parents, students, teachers and seniors to understand how to stay safe online using the tools they have at hand. Simple, practical advice for privacy, security and online safety.

Leonie Smith The Cyber Safety Lady

Cyber Safety Educational Presentation

For parents, teachers, seniors, employers, employees and children. Learn HOW to use your digital technology safely.

Hands On Workshops

Step by step the privacy and safe browsing settings for families, schools or business employees. Set up privacy and safety settings, step-by-step with Leonie’s guidance.

Private, Discrete Consultations For Online Safety

Leonie can help you set up your internet connected devices and ensure that your entire family is safer online.

Social Media Safety Education For Buisness Leaders or Public Figures

Don’t mix business with personal online! Leonie can set up social media accounts for extra security and privacy, and train your staff or leaders to keep their online profiles, secure and presentable, to avoid your brand being embarrassed online.


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From A High School Principal

‘Since the first Parent Education Session presented by Leonie in 2013, we have noticed that the school is dealing with less incidents of inappropriate behavior relating to social networkingLeonie’s resources are often referred on to parents to support them in informing themselves of what their child may be exposed to.’ Josie Vescio Principal St Rose Catholic School

From A Grateful Parent!

Hi Leonie have just paid your invoice.  Best money I think we will ever spend.Without your expertise in all of this I think I would have had my 11yr old son off to the psychologist & completely stressed out myself.  You have pathed a safe way forward for us, & I feel a lot more in control of what my son is exposed to online” Many thanks A. Finnegan

Cyber Stalkers - Strangers Targeting Kids Online

I appeared with psychologist Victoria Kasunic on Channel 9’s “Mornings” To discuss the latest new on Google maps sharing our locations and the story that a mother reported that her son was contacted by a terrorist from I.S. The Google maps issue came to light when a few folks put in their name or Twitter…
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Do You Need Antivirus On Mac?

Yes! Even though Apple Macintosh’s are known for being entirely safe from Malware and virus’s and on the whole they are far better protected than other operating systems. Except for: Trojans which come in the form of attachments in emails. They can cause problems for your Mac. Definition Here: All Apple laptops and desktops need an…
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Is Pinterest Safe For Kids?

Disclaimer: I’ve been on Pinterest since day 1, but for some reason my entire feed is full of Cats!!! How did this happen?….ummmm. However, I also have a board for Caravans, for Mad Men (the T.V show) 1950’s fashion and Geek Chic collectibles. But weirdly enough the cats reign! (see pic above) Not surprising for this ole…
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Are YouNow, Periscope And Meerkat Safe For Kids?

YouNow is a public live video streaming app that has been around a few years. I’ve written about it before, but due to some increased publicity around this app, will mention it again. If you visit www.younow.com you can view YouNow users streaming live video’s of themselves online. You can also see how many people…
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Protecting Your Family Photos Online

This week I appeared on the Channel 10 TV Morning Show Studio 10 to discuss with the panel a recent story that was doing the rounds on media about a pair of Dutch Cyber Safety Vigilanties who had created a website called Koppie Koppie, where they are advertising coffee mugs for sale with stolen photos of…
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Leonie Smith On The Morning Show

How to help protect your family photos online. Some people have had their photos stolen after they have been posted online. In this case a young lady has had photos of herself stolen for fake social media accounts. How can the average user ensure that their photos are not also stolen. Leonie Smith was a…
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