March 21st and 28th 2011


Kids on Facebook
Kids on Facebook (this is a stockphoto not a pic of my kids)

Public Hands-On Cyber Safety Settings Workshops For Parents.

Protect you and your child’s privacy on Facebook.  Learn about simple safety settings to avoid adult content on your families computers.

Protect your kids photos from being download by a stranger on your account and your child’s.

Being held 21st March for PC and 28th March for Mac 7pm-9pm  Frenchs Forest Sydney

The Cyber Safety Lady Workshop for Windows PC and Mac users

Event Dates: 21/03/12 for PC and 28/03/2012 for Mac users

  • Are your kids smarter on computers than you are?
  • Do you know where they go online?
  • Have you and your children got the right privacy and safety settings set up?
  • Are you putting up pictures of your family on Facebook?
  • Are you sure your children can’t access porn?
Without the right privacy settings on Facebook your family photos, can end up anywhere on the internet. Your family photos can be used inappropriately, if you don’t set up your privacy correctly and fix sharing and photo tagging. An anti virus filter or anti porn filter won’t prevent this.
“The Cyber Safety Lady Workshop” is a hands-on Cyber Safety settings workshop for parents of primary and high school aged students.

With a 1/4 of Australian children reporting that they have been bullied online, and many more children inadvertently coming across adults-only content on their home computer, parents urgently need to get home computers set up for safe browsing.

Most Cyber Safety Talks are JUST talks, you leave sometimes more bewildered than you were when you arrived. This workshop is VERY different!

What Will I Learn? Leonie will be guiding you step-by-step with instructions for setting up essential cyber safety settings on your laptop. You will learn how to set up privacy blocking and safety settings on Facebook, Internet Explorer, YouTube, Google & Bing Search, Skype & instant messaging, to protect children from cyber bullying, strangers, and Adult Content.

How Expert Do I Need To Be?: You don’t need to be a Wiz on computers to participate in the workshop, it’s perfect for beginners and advanced computer users.

What Is Included?: 2 hours of step-by-step settings and a brief talk about some strategies for supervision of your children online and ideas around safe computer use. You will also get a copy of “The Cyber Safety Lady” step-by-step manual to remind you of some of the settings you will be doing on the day, the manual comes with more information on social media, what kids are doing online, anti Cyber Bullying strategies, a family computer use contract and articles that talk about the different issues around Cyber Safety, Cyber Bullying, Gaming, Computer use and more!

Dates are: 6.30pm to start at 7pm – 9.00pm Wed 21st March for Windows users.

Where:?  Innovation Space Pty Ltd Top Floor, Unit 6, 10 Rodborough Road, Frenchs Forest NSW 2086. (drive down the access Rd, to very end and park. The building faces Warringah Rd)

What Should I Bring?: Bring your laptop and it’s power cord – Your computer login password – Passwords for Facebook: MSN: YouTube/Google: Skype:How Much?:

Fee is $85.00+gst which includes the 2 hour workshop and a Cyber Safety Manual (usually $15.00)

When Should I Book?: This workshop has room for only 10 attendees so book NOW as there is great demand for this new unique style of workshop.

You must book before the 16th March!

Join us for this essential and unique workshop and have peace of mind when your children are online!

Leonie is a Cyber Safety Advocate with over 15 years online experience with computing and social networking. She gives Workshops, educational talks and writes about Cyber Safety for the ABC Tech and Gaming Website and at her website at

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