Virtual Cyber Safety Talks

Distance Education Cyber Safety Talks via Skype or Webinar.

Cyber Safety Webinar
Cyber Safety Webinar
  • Students: 40mins presentation with 15mins for Q&A – 60mins total. 
  • Parents: 90mins including Q&A. 
  • Teacher/Youth worker professional development:  60mins.

Not all organisations or schools can accommodate a visit from a cyber safety educator in person. However you can always hold a talk via Skype or via a Webinar. This type of presentation is ideal for a small or  remote school/group or a school with budget challenges.

Leonie has given talks to various groups all over the globe via Skype or Webinar, all you need is reasonable internet connection (5mbs min download) and a screen. Skype allows Leonie to talk directly to your group and to take question and answers. A webinar can also involve polls or questions and answers with a moderator.

Sharing her presentation slides Leonie can give you as near to a real time class via the internet. See an edited sample of a webinar Leonie held for a community group south of Sydney below.

A virtual cyber safety educational session can be a great alternative to a visit in person from The Cyber Safety Lady.