Teacher, Youth & Child Care Workers Seminars

Teacher, Youth & Child Care Workers Seminars

Seminars For Professionals Who Work With Children

  • Does your school have a BYOD policy?
  • Is your parent body supportive of your schools digital policy?
  • Do your teachers/workers understand the apps and platforms that their students are using?
  • Can your staff identify a dangerous app or platform?
  • Is your staff being targeted by students on social media and other platforms?

Teacher Cyber Safety Training

Help Protect Your Staff Online!

Leonie’s seminars for educators, childcare and youth workers, not only help them to keep up with what their students are doing online, but also protect them from being a target from their own students online.

More and more teachers are experiencing harassment and embarrassment through social media and other online platforms from their own students. Like many other adults, they may not know enough to protect their own personal online privacy or know how to set up security to protect themselves from being a target online by students.

Some incidents teachers have been subjected to include:

  • Facebook or Instagram fake accounts set up in their name, that are set up to humiliate or embarrass
  • Approaches by students through social media, and then being put in an uncomfortable situation
  • Being automatically tagged in embarrassing social media posts without consent
  • Stolen private online photos, which are then passed around online amongst students
  • Teachers names added to websites set up to “review” teachers’ performance
  • Invitations to Facebook Groups
  • Being sent anonymous messages or content
  • Privacy violations, home address, weekend family social occasions exposed
  • Bullying online by students and parents

It is vital that Teachers protect their private and personal account and take steps to minimize the risk of harm to their own reputations and families.

Can Your Teachers Help Keep Students Safe Online?

Teachers also need to recognise when students are using dangerous apps, or using apps that might endanger other students. Do your I.T staff know how to help students who need to report an incident, or deal with an issue online or on social media. Do they know where to guide students.

B.Y.O.D Bring Your Own Device

Many schools are starting BYOD programs. This means that more students will be responsible for their own digital device, and will have greater access to the internet at home if the devices are taken out of school. Many parents are quite unaware of their children are doing on these devices, and with more students having unsupervised access to the internet at home, the risk is higher for your staff that they will be involved in an incident online, targeted by their students or as a result of a student needing help.

If your school is implementing a BYOD program, it is vital that your staff is up to date with the technology and how children will be using it both in school and at home. 

Leonie’s talks and workshops get results. Your staff will have a greater understanding of their online profiles, the potential, risks and what they must do to protect themselves online.

Cyber Safety – This Years Trends

  • The latest apps & platforms that students are using, going to use, this year
  • Trends in social media bullying, sexting, adult content sharing
  • The latest scams and traps for students/teachers online, preventative measures
  • Protect your teaching staff’s online profiles
  • Privacy & content filter settings to protect students/teachers
  • Where to go for help and support
  • Ideas for encouraging more parent cyber responsibility

1 hour presentation style seminar.