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How To Enable Two Step Verification On Twitter

How To Enable Two Step Verification On Twitter

We’ve all read the stories where a Twitter account has been hacked, and then a post has been sent out embarrassing the owner of the Twitter account. One of the worst episodes of Twitter account hacking happened recently to the Associated Press Twitter account causing the stock market to spiral downwards!

Twitter have just introduced what is called “Two Step” Verification it means that if someone is trying to “hack” into your account from a different location, they will have to receive an SMS with a one time code in order to log in. The only way they can then use this method for hacking your account (there are other methods) would be if they had access to your phone as well as your password. Note: Be sure you have a strong Twitter password, e.g over 8 digits long mixture of letters numbers and upper and lower case. You can make it easier to remember by combining two unrelated words pulled out of thin air with some upper case letters and some numbers.

For you the owner of the account two step verification also means if you sign into Twitter through a computer or browser you don’t own or haven’t used before to log into Twitter previously, you will have to wait for an SMS with a code to log in, after your attempt. This browsers I.D will then be saved as a legitimate login location for your account. Once you have set up two step verification you will have to re-log in to accounts you normally use this way until they are all saved.

By now you have probably set up two step verification on Facebook and on your Google accounts, if you haven’t done this you need to! Don’t assume you are too unimportant to get hacked…it can happen to anyone. For Facebook go to your security settings and enable it, instructions here, and for Google instructions go here

Updated with new settings 23/04/14

To Enable Twitter two step verification simply go to your settings in Twitter, then across to Security and privacy, then to login verification and enable it. You have a choice now of either receiving an SMS code when you log into a new browser or computer, or a code sent to you Twitter app on your mobile device. Twitter will send you a test SMS or code to your phone that is linked with your account to test that it all works. Then you’re done. Simple!

2 Step Verification for Twitter
2 Step Verification for Twitter

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