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How To Mute A Twitter User

Tweetbot LogoYou know the scenario, you followed someone on Twitter, they followed you back, but their Tweets are really annoying you for one reason or another. You’d actually like to unfollow them, however you fear that if you unfollow them or block them you are going to create bad blood, and honestly who has time for that. Well, with Tweetbot, a lovely twitter app that I use on my iPhone, you can mute all their tweets and they will never know. That way you don’t have to unfollow them, but you won’t see their tweets either. This same sort of scenario happens on Facebook as well of course. If you want to do the same type of thing on Facebook you can actually put that person on the “Restricted List” in Facebook Lists, it does the same thing. You don’t see their posts, they only see your public ones and peace reigns!

In Tweetbot simply go to their profile click the settings cog wheel and select Mute, Voila no more annoying Tweets, and you’ve spared some feelings and possibly spared yourself some aggravation.

Another thing you can do on Twitter if you’d like to pare down your Twitter stream a bit, is turn off retweets if that’s all you want to do. That means if you find that a person you follow, retweets too many things you don’t find interesting, but you’d still like to see their own Tweets, you can mute their retweets.  You can find this setting in the Browser version of Twitter.

Here’s where to Mute on Tweetbot

Mute on Tweetbot


Click Link to learn how to turn off Retweets on Twitter.

Turn Off ReTweets on Twitter
Turn Off ReTweets on Twitter


Have you ever had a bad response when unfollowing someone on Twitter?