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Troll Hunting – Ginger Gorman

Troll Hunting – Ginger Gorman

Trolling and cyber hate seem to be escalating in this era, of Covid19. With a growing political divide between people of different views on the pandemic and extreme reactions to how our countries leaders are responding to the waves of infections seemingly increasing the abuse online. 

Users of social media and the internet are all too well aware how careful we have to be if we join in, or start any conversations around Masks, testing, or even vaccination. This week we saw a woman sentenced here on the Northern Beaches for physically assaulting another women over a Covid argument that started on a Facebook Group.

Much loved actress Magda Szubanski has been enduring massive abuse and cyber hate on her social media accounts for taking part in a community service promotion in regard to wearing masks and social distancing. 

In today’s Digital Families podcast I talk with Award Winning Journalist Author and Mentor Ginger Gorman about who these Trolls are, how to protect our families from this type of abuse, and why there is an escalation of online abuse and trolling during this time of Covid19

We also chat about why trolls want to hurt children by sharing frightening violent videos online targeted to children on YouTube and TikTok.

In 2013, Ginger and her family suffered the effects of online hate first-hand, and it was this experience that set Ginger on her professional journey into the world of trolls. 

In 2017 her series of articles on trolling for Fairfax newspapers in Australia went viral, and became some of the most read Australian stories of the year. 

She is now in demand as an expert on online hate, and has written and spoken extensively about trolling and social media self-defence in Australian and global contexts. Her first book, Troll Hunting, was published in February 2019. Buy Here:

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