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How To Block and Report A Twitter Troll

How To Block and Report A Twitter Troll

Trolling is not necessarily abusive. But if you are attacked online threatened and harassed this is for you.

Without going into all the what, why and who did what to whom on Twitter over the last few days. If you want to block and report a Twitter abuse,someone who is being abusive to you on Twitter, here’s a quick how to block and report guide.

You can block whom ever you want on Twitter for any reason you want. Blocking a Twitter user means they can’t add you to any of their lists, contact you, or see your tweets. They can still @mention you on their Twitter account but it won’t show up on your Twitter feed as it would normally, only on theirs. You would have to go to their account to see your name mentioned.

To Block and Report.

Go to the account of who it is you wish to block, click the drop down button next to Follow button (see above pic) and select either Block or Block and report for spam. Although it’s not technically spam, reporting them for spam might get their account deleted if the Twitter folks believe the user has broken Twitter’s Terms Of Service.

If the Troll’ s Tweets include threats of violence inciting hatred or using menacing behaviour you can report them to the police, as well as file a report to Twitter Here see below pic.

You can also protect your Tweets, meaning you can set your Twitter account to private and only allow certain followers to see your Tweets. That’s not going to work very well if you have more than a 100 followers, you might find it too much work to block a few thousand. You may want to shut your account down and start a new one.

Filtering Content On Your Twitter Feed

You can also untick the sensitive Tweets box, which should filter out the more adult content including pictures and video. More info Here

Some Twitter Apps like Tweet Deck have filters, so you can filter out certain words, terms, hash tags peoples names and apps if you wish. You could write a whole lot of nasty terms in there and hopefully it will block Tweets containing those terms from your feed.

Tweet Deck Filter Options

In Australia a good resource to help you find out more about your rights and who to contact is the Govt organisation www.cybersmart.gov.org

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I’ll be on 60 Minutes this Sunday talking about Trolls in respect to the Charlotte Dawson incident Thursday night.

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