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Advanced Privacy Settings For Facebook

Advanced Privacy Settings For Facebook


Advanced Facebook Privacy Settings
Advanced Facebook Privacy Settings

Hidden Hard To Understand Privacy Settings!

If you want to protect your privacy as much as possible on Facebook, follow the Step By Step Privacy Settings video below, using the newly laid out Facebook Privacy Settings.

The settings I take you through on the video below are the same settings available as the previous Facebook settings from 2012, but as of Nov 2012, they are now located in different places. My previous Basic Privacy Shortcuts video I uploaded today, showed the very basic settings that you can access through the Privacy Shortcuts menu, but really those are the bare minimum that you should have set up. The video below shows you the more extensive settings.

Why The Advanced Settings?

These more advanced privacy settings not only address tagging, timeline, friends posting options to your timeline, and facial recognition, but also the settings to protect most of your personal data from possibly being shared to 3rd party apps, friends 3rd party apps and your data being used by advertising and marketing companies.

Note: Everything you post on Facebook, even when set to friends only, might be seen by your friends, friends, if your friends interact with your posts, even with these settings, so always be careful about what you post on Facebook!

To Learn How To Hide All Your Personal Information, such as age, Location, Employment, Phone Number and Email from the public, as well as Friends List, Likes, and how to filter your received messages and more! see my follow up Post. Clean Up Your Public Facebook Profile

Hide your personal information on Facebook Step By Step

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