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“Growing Up Shared” with Professor Stacey Steinberg

“Growing Up Shared” with Professor Stacey Steinberg

Dr Stacy Steinbeck “Growing Up Shared”

Professor Stacy Steinberg is a professor at the University of Florida Levin College of Law. Professor Steinberg’s research focuses at the intersection of a parent’s right to share and a child’s right to privacy.

She is also a mom and a photographer who has a passion for taking pictures. Professor Steinberg started to wonder how her doing so could impact the digital footprints of her kids, and the many children she photographed over the years. Her research led her to the conclusion that parents need to protect their children’s digital privacy … but that families also benefit by sharing online.

In this weeks podcast Professor Steinberg and I discuss parental sharing of children’s data online. This is often referred to as “Sharenting”

In todays era of the pandemic, its never been more important to keep in touch over the internet. But how much and how should we share whilst respecting our children rights to privacy and safety?

We discuss all of this both the positives of sharing online and the dangers, with solutions for making safer decisions that won’t put your child in danger of having their data used for ill intent and won’t lead you to have a teen down the track who wants or needs you to do a massive clean up, of their digital childhood.


Dr Steinberg has written a book on her research titled “Growing Up Shared”

Is it okay to share details about my child’s life on social media? What kinds of pictures should I avoid posting? Am I taking away my kids’ ownership over their future online footprint?

Find out more about Dr Steinberg’s book Here: https://www.staceysteinberg.com/growingupshared

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