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How To Clean Up Your Facebook History

Ever noticed that button under your cover pic on your Facebook profile called the “Activity Log” ? have you ever clicked on it? Go take a look…

Activity Log

What Is It?

Your Activity Log contains all your interactions and posts on Facebook when using your profile, it’s part of your Facebook history. If you have just created a Facebook 10th anniversary Look back video, some of you might have been a little shocked at which photos and videos show up in the video!

Why Clean Up?

Unless you really want Facebook to keep all your interactions and posts, it is a good idea to go back into your Activity Log sometimes and review your Facebook history and delete old posts. There might be posts you did where, now looking back, were unwise or done in whilst in an “emotional” state. You might now have some regrets about some posts, or might just like to clean things up a bit. Remember any friend can jump right back now through your history easily by clicking on the timeline place on the top right side of your profile.

Teach The Kids!

For kids using Facebook this is essential. It’s a good idea to review your activity log every few weeks or even months, especially if you have mistakenly posted something using the public post option. To set any public posts back to friends only go to Settings/Privacy and select “Limit Past Posts”

Delete History

No Delete History Button!

There isn’t a delete all history button on Facebook you have to delete every interaction one by one by clicking the pencil icon. There are some apps that will delete your history, but I can’t recommend them as it means they then have access to your private details.

Have you ever gone through and done a cull on your Facebook history?