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Digital Families Podcast with Nan Bosler – Seniors Online

Digital Families Podcast with Nan Bosler – Seniors Online

Nan Bosler AM

My guest today is Nan Bosler. Nan Bosler AM is an Australian community activist and advocate for young people, the elderly and people with disabilities. She is an author and most notable internationally, for her involvement with computer clubs and digital skills for older people. Along with many other awards she has received over the years, in 2019 Nan was awarded an (AM) of the Order of Australia for significant service to seniors and to the community

In 1997 Nan founded the Australia Seniors Computer Clubs Association (ASCCA). She has represented ASCCA nationally and internationally and has been a member of the Cyber Security Awareness Week Committee, Broadband for Seniors Kiosk Consortium, Ambassador for Seniors Week (2013-2015), a member of the New South Wales Carers Advisory Council (2010-2014) and a National Cyber Security Awareness Ambassador, 2013.

Nan is a treasured member of our community with a lifetime of community service, from scouts, working with disadvantaged youth, the disabled and with seniors. We need to do more for our seniors to help them get up to speed with technology, and Nan has a Plan!!

A Chat About Seniors Online During The Pandemic.

On todays podcast Nan and I chat about how seniors are doing online during this pandemic, what are the clear disadvantages and advantages that our seniors are experiencing online? How are they coping with shopping, banking, communication and keeping in touch while they are apart from loved ones?

Given that there may be a 2nd or even 3rd wave without a vaccine, what do we need to do so that if we do ever have to go into lockdown again, seniors will not be disadvantaged again?

Computer Classes For Seniors

Nan also talks about Computer Pals, a valuable volunteer organisation to help seniors learn essential digital skills. This vital organisation has certainly been disadvantaged by Covid19, the shut down means many seniors are missing out on essential face to face learning when these skills are needed more than ever. https://www.ascca.org.au/index.php/seniors-computer-courses/find-a-course info@compalsnb.org.au https://compalsnb.org.au

I met Nan a few years ago when we were both Cyber Safety ambassadors for a “The Stay Safe Online” campaign in 2013, and instantly warmed to her. Her sense of humour and determination is incredible. I hope you enjoy this chat as much as we did!

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