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Protecting Your Family Photos Online

Protecting Your Family Photos Online

Koppie Koppie Discussion Protecting Your Child's Photos Online
Koppie Koppie Discussion Protecting Your Child’s Photos Online

This week I appeared on the Channel 10 TV Morning Show Studio 10 to discuss with the panel a recent story that was doing the rounds on media about a pair of Dutch Cyber Safety Vigilanties who had created a website called Koppie Koppie, where they are advertising coffee mugs for sale with stolen photos of children printed on them. This was their way of highlighting the importance of not posting photos of your children online, or at least setting privacy settings or “All Rights Reserved” on Flickr.

Of course there has been outrage at this approach, and rightly so. Whilst many parents seem unaware of the dangers of posting photos of their children online without protecting these photos from being taken for commercial use, it’s the real children featured in these photos who will be hurt or humiliated in this campaign, not the parents.

Parent education on using photo sites and social media to display their family photos and altering parents to the potential theft of their family photos through education and media, is a far better and safer approach, than setting up these vulnerable children for exposure and ridicule.

See my tips and the Studio10 panels opinions of this reckless effort to highlight the nativity of parents who post photos online without protections, in the video below.