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New Video For Parents Concerned About Stopping Cyber Bullying!

New Video For Parents Concerned About Stopping Cyber Bullying!

How Cyber Smart Are YOU?
How Cyber Smart Are YOU? Photo: ACMA

This is a fantastic video with some great advice on internet safety for parents to watch, there is a LOT of information in this video. But it’s a great idea and very well made, and I’d love to see a cut down version done as an advertisement for T.V if it hasn’t allready been done. If you feel the same, please pass it around. Hopefully it will get parents thinking and taking up some, if not all of the advice to help keep kids safe online. Some of the stats shown in this video are staggering! Especially about how many kids are accepting friendships from strangers online. Personally I think I’ll start showing this video at my Cyber Safety talks to get the conversation and discussions started.

More detail and opportunities for feedback here at the CyberSmart Website

Thanks to the Australian CyberSmart Education Program run by the Federal Govt.

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