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How To Make Mobile Safari Safe For Kids

How To Make Mobile Safari Safe For Kids

Updated July 2021

Adult Content Via Safari

With school iPads being introduced now in primary schools, schools are doing all they can to filter the internet within school grounds, but too many parents are not aware how important it is to enable filters and parental controls on any device their child uses at home as well. Without parental controls or filters on smart phones and other mobile devices, it’s highly likely your young child will be exposed to porn or other explicit violence via an app or the browser search feature.

It’s not true to say there is nothing you can do to prevent a child seeing porn, there are many things you can do. But these safe search settings are a bit like putting a seat belt on your child, or allowing them to only swim in safe locations. It isn’t fail safe at all, and there is always a chance that your child will see porn on another child’s device. But the more parents there are that enable these filters, the less likely it is that a young child will see some form of violence or porn. Protecting our children on the internet really does take a village.

Safe Search Settings For Safari

Note: Search engines can be dangerous for children under 10 years of age, even with a filter enabled, as no filter is 100% effective. How fast are you at snatching your Childs device away before they see something awful?

Disabling Safari on an Apple Mobile Device

You can disable Safari through Apples Parental Controls setting called “Screentime” or set Safari so that it restricts adult content.

To disable Safari on an Apple mobile device See instructions Below or visit Apples Support Website for Full Instructions:

Disable Safari


Set Adult Content Restrictions On Safari

To filter adult content on Safari through Apples “Screentime” Parental controls Go to “Settings” “General” “Screentime” and set a password to enable restrictions. Navigate to Content & Privacy Restrictions – Content Restrictions – Web Content –  “Limit Adult Content”. Exit out of the menu to save your settings. And then exit out of settings.

If you use this setting be sure to also enable Google safe search via the safari browser. Go to www.google.com/preferences on the mobile safari browser. More help Here

Google Safe Search Restrictions


Filter Siri Search

Another important search filter to enable is to also filter Siri Search.

Filter Siri Search


Important: Parental control filters are NOT 100% safe, sometimes adult content will get through, so always maintain supervision and give education on what your child should do if they see something adult on their devices. Turning off access to Safari for children under 10 years of age is recommended. 

For Googles Safe Search on P.C Click Here

For YouTube’s Safe Search Filter Click Here

Let me know in comments if you have any questions.

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