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Setting Safe Search On The Google Search App

Setting Safe Search On The Google Search App

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Children are being exposed to adult content, including violent pornography younger and younger. This most commonly happens when they stumble across it when searching for content with an unfiltered device or app. It is so important that your child is safe when looking up content online when they are on a mobile device. Does your child have the Google Search app on their own or your device? Make sure if they do that you enable the safe search setting on the official Google Search app.

There is a very simple, safe search setting that can be enabled on the app to prevent adult content from showing up in search results.

Open the Google Search app, then click on the settings icon, then go to “Safe Search” and click “Strict” for younger kids, “Smart” for everyone else. Simple and so very necessary!

Once Seen Never Unseen! 

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If they don’t have the Google search app, be sure you enable the safe search settings in the Safari Browser on iOS devices and the safe search settings on Google Chrome browser on Android. Go Here To see how to set it up on Safari. For the Google Chrome app, go to www.google.com/m/preferences on your mobile Chrome app and set the safe search Filters to “Filter explicit results”.