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Kids Leaving Data Trails Online – Amy Jussel on Digital Families Podcast

Kids Leaving Data Trails Online – Amy Jussel on Digital Families Podcast


My guest today is Author Amy Jussel, 

Amy Jussel is the founder of Shaping Youth  and author of The Secret of the Vanishing Bones: Tracking the Data Trail.

Her new book, aimed at students K-5, is designed to instill critical thinking about media through storytelling, developing early skills that help kids navigate their digital exposure in fun, fresh ways. Media literacy education is more critical than ever with increased screen time due to the recent global pandemic and wide-ranging messages displayed across social media and other media platforms.

In todays podcast Amy and Leonie talk about how children need to learn about their digital footprint online. How they can reveal private information about themselves and their friends online and how to be careful about what they share.

We also talk about the nuances of the internet and how children find it hard to unwrap behaviour online due to the 2 dimensional aspect of screens.

Amy offers parents some tips on how to better educate their children about their digital footprints and how to navigate the internet with more awareness.

This important beautifully illustrated book can be purchased online at Amazon or all good bookstores.


The Secret Of The Vanishing Bones. Amy Jussel


Helpful links:
DigitalDogsBook.com (main site for the book/guide/coloring pages)
www.shapingyouth.org (decade+ of edu/media literacy content) How to analyze media messages
NAMLE.net (National Association for Media Literacy Education)
MediaLiteracyNow.org (maps progress in creating a public education system of critical 21st century skills)

Coloring pages for wee ones to instill media/digital literacy at Pre-K level (FREE on DigitalDogsBook.com)
Interior content spreads
Adjunct Parent/Educator Guide (FREE pdf on DigitalDogsBook.com, also now in paperback on Amazon)

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