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How To Make Your Facebook Profile Private!

How To Make Your Facebook Profile Private!

Many readers here, and viewers over at my YouTube Channel want to find out how I got my Facebook profile so private, as in the picture below, when a non-friend views it.

Below is a NEW step by step video explaining how I did it. You should also follow my Advanced Privacy Settings Video (also below) to get the full results. If you watch these two videos and follow the instructions, you will have less potential for your personal information to be used in identity theft which is used in some of those scam emails you might be getting sent. You can then hide your private information and your activity on on your Facebook timeline from anyone that is not included in your circle of friends and their friends on Facebook.

Remember Facebook can’t be entirely private, freinds of friends will still see your updates, but these techniques shown in the two videos below will certainly reduce your exposure online.

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Learn How To Make Your Facebook Profile Private

Hide Your Private Information On Facebook
Hide Your Private Information On Facebook

Hide Your Personal Details like your age, location, likes, friends, posts and more from public view!

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Advanced Privacy Settings For Facebook Profiles!