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How To Enable Safe Filter Settings On Google To Protect From Adult Content

How To Enable Safe Filter Settings On Google To Protect From Adult Content

Keep Kids Safe On Google
Keep Kids Safe On Google Photo: Shutterstock


Many parents I speak to when I give my talks and classes on Cyber Safety tell me awful stories about their children coming across porn by mistake via Google search, its becoming all to common. This is very sad especially as many of them are under 11yrs old and this type of exposure is preventable. Two parents have told me a freakishly similar story about their young child, under 11yrs old who was looking for a image of a women with a dog for a school project on Google, who unfortunately found a picture of bestiality instead of a lovely picture of a lady walking her Schnauzer…horrible…these children hadn’t even had the “birds and the bees” talk, and now mum and dad have to explain, why the dog is playing wrestling with the naked lady…sigh.

Careful supervision of course is essential for any child using a computer but sometimes you just can’t be there looking over the shoulder ALL the time.

There ARE some simple ways to protect your kids from this ever happening to them.

Googles Built In Safety Settings:

The other way to protect your children is to turn on the safety setting on Google search on each computer and browser your children use (can’t do this on a smart phone or iPod or iPad). Make sure you do this on their particular login to the computer they use.

To do this: Log into your Google account and go to www.google.com/preferences and tick filter explicit results. You can also LOCK the settings to ON for older kids who might find out how to get around this setting, and then log out.

This filter setting then covers any person that uses Google search on that computer login. You have to do this on all the internet browsers they use. So if your computer has more than one, i.e Internet explorer, Safari, Firefox, Mozilla, Opera…you have to set this up on each browser. Log into your google account. (create one if you don’t have one) and set it up for each. Step by Step pics below. What do you do to keep your kids safe online.

Google Search Filter

More instructions like this in my Cyber Safety Manual.

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