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“The Cave” Game Review

“The Cave” Game Review

"The Cave" A Great Computer Game for kids and Parents to play
“The Cave” A Great Computer Game for kids and Parents to play

“The Cave” by Double Fine Productions Inc, is really a spectacular game that I downloaded to my mac over the weekend from the Apple App Store. It is rated 9+ and is a perfect game for both parents and kids to play. So far, the scariest thing was jumping into a pit of dragon bones (by mistake) and turning into a ghost for a second until you reappear. You can only play single player on a PC, but you could certainly work together to solve problems on order to move through the game.

This video game is what is known as a side scroller, and in typical side scroller fashion the aim of the game is to get your three characters through the various caves, over obstacles and around barriers. You really have to use your ingenuity to find ways around things by collecting objects along the way to solve problems, a Key to open a door, dynamite to blast a rock fall.

The graphics on this game are what makes it so beautiful, swimming under water was my most favourite thing. The characters move really smoothly and there is a very funny voice over character who leads you along your journey, I found myself laughing out loud sometimes. I sometimes get very disappointed by the screen shots of games I see, half expecting that the game won’t live up to the advertising screen shots, but this game exceeded my expectations, it’s really fabulous.

Swimming in "The Cave"
Swimming in “The Cave”


The characters I chose were the Adventurer, The Monk, and the Time Traveller (who wouldn’t want to be a time traveller!) Each character has a special skill that they can use to get out of trouble. As a novice at these type of games, I found it reasonably easy to navigate using the mouse, click and drag and space bar or right click to jump, so it’s great if you are normally challenged with consoles or the WASD keys.

I have to admit to cheating in this game, I did get stuck at some points (what else is new…rolling eyes) so I looked up a “Walk Through” to get moving again. A “Walk Through” is a step by step guide put together by another gamer to help you find the clues. Getting these tips at least helped me to think about how other clues might work.

Tip: If you need to find a walk through just Google the name of the game and “walk through” Some walk through’s are video tutorials and others are screen shots with instructions. It won’t spoil the game really, but it might save you from giving up!

I did find this game extremely  engaging, I’m still playing it, and looking forward to getting my characters through to some more amazing caves.

Help And Options
Help And Options

Tip: Make sure you look at the Help And Options Screen so you can work out what shortcut keys to use, and how to change characters and find out what their skills are. It really helped me.





“The Cave” is on sale on iTunes App Store for P.C’s right now for $1.99c You can also get an iPhone and iPad version

Screen Shot 2013-11-24 at 7.34.27 pm
Dem Bones, with sleeping dragon who like’s sausages..hint…hint..

Highly Recomended!

Have you played this yet? What did you think?