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Free Public Cyber Safety Talk Feb 25th 2014 Sydney

Free Public Cyber Safety Talk Feb 25th 2014 Sydney


St Rose Catholic School Talk 2013
Leonie Smith at St Rose Catholic School Talk 2013

“Keeping Up With Your Kids Online”

After a very successful talk in 2013 at St Rose Catholic School at Collaroy, Leonie Smith “The Cyber Safety Lady” has been asked to return to St Rose to talk again with parents about cyber safety and how to develop a positive approach to their child’s online world.

Date: Tuesday 25th February 2014 7pm – 9pm St Rose Hall, 8 Rose Ave Collaroy Plateau 2097 RSVP srcp@dbb.catholic.edu.au

As a parent…
‘The step by step succinct instructions on how to change settings for various websites and devices was invaluable. My son had about 150 apps that didn’t clearly spell out the age restrictions and when I changed the settings on his iPod, he went from 150 to 5!’

As a principal….
‘Having Leonie speak to the parents at my school, reinforced how important it was for the parents to be diligent in understanding what their children were accessing, and how this impacted on their child’s social interactions at school’

Josie Vescio
St Rose Catholic School
8 Rose Ave Collaroy Plateau 2097


Leonie’s talks stress taking a positive approach to cyber safety. Leonie helps parents to find safer options for apps and technology for their kids, but also talks about the benefits for families. As a parent of 4 she also outlines her own families struggles with cyber safety and recommends ways for parents to communicate with their kids about their online world. As a passionate user of the internet since the early 90’s Leonie wants to stress the benefits of technology and the internet and encourage parents to get on board with their kids in a safer environment. This talk is essential if your child is now taking their own laptop or tablet to school.

Leonie’s talk will cover:

  • Safety/privacy settings and filters for devices and software
  • Safe options for messaging apps
  • social media recomendations
  • Smart phone options
  • Games to play with your kids, YES she plays computer games!
  • Ways to supervise your child’s digital devices without having to resort to spying
  • How to keep up to date with your child’s online world
  • Where to go for help and advice
  • How to deal with bad experiences online, bullying and privacy issues

Parents will leave this talk with great solutions and ideas to help them connect and supervise their child’s digital life

This talk is for all parents of primary or secondary aged children. It is open to parents from other schools.

Tuesday 25th February 2014 7pm – 9pm St Rose Hall, 8 Rose Ave Collaroy Plateau 2097

RSVP srcp@dbb.catholic.edu.au Bookings Essential!

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