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Huge Privacy Issue With Facebook’s Graph Search!

Huge Privacy Issue With Facebook’s Graph Search!

Facebook’s “Graph Search” is slowly being rolled out here in Australia. Facebook’s Graph Search is a new way to search Facebook so that you can use Facebook profiles with very personal details to pin-point and drill down exactly who you want to find, weather they are a friend or not. This new search uses your personal data and details that you have allowed to be available publicly. If you hide your data and make everything private apparently this data won’t end up in this new search. This type of searching can lead to finding “new friends” with specific interests, and on the upside great referrals for legitimate services.

There is no way to Opt out.

How do you get it?

Go to https://www.facebook.com/about/graphsearch and sign up to be on the waiting list.

When you have been upgraded to Graph Search, (it took me about 3 days) you won’t get any notification, but the next time you log in to your Facebook Personal Profile, through your preferred browser, (not your mobile app) you will see this!

Turn on Graph Search then follow the tour and take a look around.

I strongly suggest you check this out NOW! Because this changes everything!….As my previous post pointed out, this new search could be used to cyber bully, stalk, to prey and to scam, and by activating this search for your profile and testing it, you will see how easy it is, for this new Facebook feature to be used nefariously.

You had better do a check on your privacy settings NOW!

Most of you reading this will think you have adequate privacy settings set up on Facebook, I CAN guarantee that most of you will not. You might be very surprised what you are sharing about yourself and your profile and how it can be used.

To test your settings before doing an overhaul of them, follow the Video below to see what you are sharing with perfect strangers publicly, then hide it all. Go to this post to learn how!

Then watch my Video the more indepth privacy settings vid, and then read this post on hiding your profile details.

Update: For more creepy searches check out this Blog, it’s dedicated to the new Facebook Search Engine, the owner has come up with some really sordid ones. It’s astounding what people share publicly on Facebook. Hold on tight folks this is going to get rough.

If you find this all too hard but you want to keep using Facebook or you want your kids to keep using it, contact me, don’t let it slide.

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