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Don’t Do A “Randi Zuckerberg” Protect your posts on Facebook!

Don’t Do A “Randi Zuckerberg” Protect your posts on Facebook!

Remember: There is really no such thing as a private post on Facebook, as soon as you post an update, only one of your friends has to comment or interact with that post/photo, and it will be seen by your friends friends on their walls anyway. You can minimise exposure though by changing some pre sets in privacy.

The recent embarrassing episode where the sister of Mark Zuckerberg, owner of Facebook, posted a “private” family photo on Facebook to select friends, but was later upset to learn that the “private” photo had been reposted to Twitter by a “non friend”, is a typical example of the confusion and complication around sharing and privacy on Facebook. If Mark Zuckerberg’s own family can’t understand how Facebook works, and Randi Zuckerberg previously worked at Facebook…then what hope do the rest of us have! None really.

It seems as if Facebook wants to bamboozle us with confusing terms and confusing privacy menus so that we can’t easily understand who is seeing our posts, and how to protect them, so that we don’t really have any privacy, we only think we do.

One of the settings that Randi Zuckerberg should have known about, and most likely does by now, that would have prevented this particular share, to her “non friend” is the one illustrated in the photo’s below. This step by step procedure would have prevented the particular person who shared the “private” photo with the world on Twitter, from seeing the photo on her wall in the first place…maybe. Why maybe? Well..unless Randi had specifically told her select list of friends NOT to interact with the photo i.e comment or tag etc….the setting I’ve shown you below is redundant anyway. Randi would have had to have said “please don’t share or comment on this” in the comments or description, and hoped that all that saw the photo complied.

Bottom Line, if Randi Zuckerberg didn’t want that photo all over the internet, she shouldn’t have posted it… anywhere.

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It’s ironic that Randi Zuckerberg after the repost, also gave a short Twitter sermon on etiquette, decency and not publicly posting other peoples pictures without permission, when she should know that any photo that is posted on Facebook can easily become public and there’s not a thing that users can do to prevent it. The woman that posted the “private” picture on Twitter genuinely had no idea that it was supposed to be “Private” because it appeared on her Wall and she wasn’t direct friends with Randi, she was a friend of one of the women tagged in the photo, Randi’s sister.

I do have to say that sharing something from Facebook to Twitter is not really the “done” thing, you do try to keep it on the platform that it was intended for, but there are no hard and fast rules here.

What Setting Where?

Here is the “Tag sharing” setting that Randi Zuckerberg needed to have un-ticked, (as usual its got to be opt out..) so that friends of those tagged in her photo wouldn’t automatically have seen the photo, on their walls.

You can also select “custom” from the drop down under each post or update and disable the sharing there. If you change this setting as you post to share with friends of tagged friends, it will default back to sharing with friends of tagged friends for all posts.

Note: Facebook have “simplified” their privacy settings so it looks a little different…more on that to come!

Go to the new privacy settings.
Go to the new privacy settings.


Click Edit On Who Can See My Posts
Click Edit On Who can see your future posts


Click friends, and then custom
Click friends, and then custom


Be sure it's set to Friends and then untick "friends of those tagged"
Be sure it’s set to Friends and then untick “friends of those tagged” Save


Un-ticking this “Friends of those tagged” setting means that when you tag your photo or post with your friends names, their friends won’t automatically see the photo also on their walls. However…if your friends who are tagged in the photo or post then comment on the photo…yup their friends will see it. Goddit?

Not sure if that helped at all, but its a good idea just to minimise exposure to have this one un-ticked.

I will be doing a full update to the privacy settings with a video soon.


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