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Facebook’s Dinosaur Privacy Check Up

Facebook’s Dinosaur Privacy Check Up

Facebook Dinosaur Privacy Check Up
Facebook Dinosaur Privacy Check Up


It’s certainly great to see Facebook making it easier for users to check their privacy settings. If you normally find the privacy settings onerous at least this is quite an easy way to check some basic settings. Be aware though, this check is very basic, there are way more settings you may not want enabled that can affect your privacy.





Settings such as:

  • Review tagging of posts before others add you to a post or a photo.
  • The Facial recognition setting so that others can’t tag you via facial recognition.
  • Others posting to your wall
  • Non friends sending you messages
  • Switch your past public posts back to “friends only” if you have posted publicly by mistake.
  • Hide your favorite movies or books or groups you have joined.
  • Hide your friends list which is the MOST important privacy setting to protect against the many Facebook Scams that are going around right now. 

If you want to have a more private Facebook profile, you won’t find links to those settings I’ve mentioned above in this privacy check. For a Full privacy check you can have a look at the videos below.

Advanced Facebook Privacy Video

Hide Your Private Information Video

Remember, anything you list or upload to any social media has a risk of being shared on beyond your friends list.

Note: Facebook has updated the About panels in your Facebook Profile. I will be doing a new video showing that layout soon.

Look Out For Your Phone Number Privacy

Be sure if you have downloaded the mobile Facebook Messaging app that you check as to whether you want to be found on Facebook via your phone number because the messaging app allows people to message you on Facebook Messenger even if they are not friends on Facebook.  Go to “Settings” – “Privacy” and then “Who Can Look Me Up”