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Screen Time, How To Keep It Balanced

Screen Time, How To Keep It Balanced

I love this video above. It perfectly shows how modern parents can struggle with screen time and not just in regards to our kids, sometimes it’s US on the screens all the time! It is really important to find time with friends or family where screens do not intrude on your time together.

Having a screen holiday can often highlight how much we rely on our screens to inform us and entertain us, that we forget about the person sitting opposite us.

Our family has dinner at a table most nights without any screens allowed on or at the table. Even though it’s for a short time it is a welcome reprieve from the distractions. Not all the dinners go smoothly, but often problems are solved or brought up, and more often than not, we simply catch up with a “What was interesting about your day today?” and just connect for a bit.

Keep a diary of your screen time if you are concerned, get into routines of doing things without a screen. Put your phone on mute when with a friend, it’s only polite after all.

Create a screen time time table for the kids, so they have help moderating their own screen time. Help your children to understand the benefits of time without Screens, make it WORTH THEIR WHILE! And eventually they will moderate their screen time themselves.

Screens are NOT evil, like all else balance is the key. Find a time where it’s ok to be interacting with screens, ¬†and find time to put them away, the world will still be there when you get back!

Does your family find time without screens? How do you balance your screen time? Let us know in the comments!