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How safe is your business and your family online?

Cyber Security Week panel of experts 24th May 2013. Harbord Diggers, Freshwater Northern Beaches 7-9pm


Business and families are all going online. We make transactions, communicate, socialise and learn online.

This year we have two representatives from the Northern Beaches who were chosen as National Cyber Security Awareness Week Ambassadors being held from the 20th – 24th May 2013 by the Federal Govt Dept of Broadband .

Leonie Smith The Cyber Safety Lady

Nan Bosler OAM

President of the Australian Seniors Computer Clubs Association and myself. Nan for the extraordinary work she does with up skilling seniors on technology and the internet, and myself as a social media and cyber safety consultant and mum of 4 kids, who still has two teens still at home aged 13yrs and 16yrs, I’m definitely still at the coal face of keeping them safe online.

Nan Bosler OAM
Nan Bosler OAM

The Northern Beaches has an extraordinary number of small business owners, and other workers that telecommute from other suburbs and the city. Doing business online is for many of us on the insular peninsular, a way of life. In my role as a Social Media and Cyber Safety Consultant I have been doing more and more training on Social Media and Cyber safety by way of Webinars and screen sharing applications. Using such platforms as Skype, Teamviewer and Go To Meeting. I do all my banking online, my invoicing online, and quotes online. I use social media to connect to clients and parents, social media to advertise my talks, websites to promote my business, and my smart phone computer and iPad to do all of the above. Many of my clients I have never met in real life.

It is so important that while using all this new technology to work, learn and play that we Stay Smart Online. As part of the National Cyber Security Week, we are holding a QandA style panel where you will be able to have your questions answered about the safest way to Stay Smart Online. Come and hear from Nan and myself, Stuart Jones from Secure E Commerce an online security expert, (last years Cyber Security Ambassador) and John Feist from eDebit who works enable business to have safe and secure epayments. Warringah Counciller Sue Heins from Inspiring Women will be moderating for us, and ensuring your questions will be answered.  Book Here: How Safe Is Your Business And Your Family Online?

How Safe Is your business and your family online