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Digital Families Podcast with Rosie Thomas from Project Rockit

Digital Families Podcast with Rosie Thomas from Project Rockit

My guest today is Rosie Thomas Co-Founder, Co-CEO of Project Rockit.

Her work has been recognised by UNICEF among the 12 Digital Champions for Children’s Rights in the Digital Age and was honoured in Washington D.C. with the International Award for Outstanding Achievement in Cybersafety. As well as a number of local awards and honours (listed below), in 2019, Rosie became a recipient of the Order of Australia Medal, recognising her service to young people and her work against bullying

Today I chat with Rosie Thomas from Project Rockit about bullying, especially cyber bullying amongst young people, why it is happening and we can do to try and prevent it and help mitigate the behaviour. Also, what are the key steps parents need to take if they find out their child is displaying bullying type behaviour, or if their child is being bullied? How do you help your child navigate tricky relationships or negative behaviour towards them so that they build a great set of skills and resilience to all life may throw at them.

Rosie Thomas Project Rockit
Rosie Thomas Project Rockit

Why is sexting on the rise? And what parents need to know about it, and what to do. Great tips for parents here.

I also chat with Rose about why she got into this space, and how Project Rockit works in schools and why it is so successful in engaging young people. Rosie has a great attitude to young people and the direction most will take in life.

If you feel you need to be more aware of the issues around bullying this is THE podcast you need to hear. Rosie and Lucy are absolute legends in this space.

Rosie is also inviting our listeners to look at Project Rockit’s webinar series. “Our team has created a series of interactive webinars for students, parents and educators to support young people to navigate COVID-19. Here, they’ll learn tangible skills to maintain digital wellbeing, including how to look out for each other online, take positive action on the issues they care about, and use technology to foster social connection.”

Link: https://www.projectrockit.com.au/webinars/

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