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Baby Monitors Spying On Your Child

Baby Monitors Spying On Your Child

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Baby monitors that come with an app for your phone have been getting hacked for years. Default passwords and unsecured Wi Fi can result in your web connected baby monitor being hacked resulting in a live video of your child sleeping being streamed out to the internet on a strange websites where hackers get their kicks. Hackers have even been able to take over operation of the monitors and even been able to talk through the monitor to the child or parent in the room. Make sure you understand how your internet connected device works, read the instruction manual for security and privacy tips.

How do you stop your monitor from being hacked?

  • Set Unique passwords on the device
  • Enable privacy settings
  • Secure WiFi settings
  • Update software/firmware on the device through the app or website interface
  • Restrict the app from only broadcasting within your home WiFi network not online.

See more about securing smart devices in your home and what to do in the video below.

Leonie Smith “The Cyber Safety Lady” on “Weekend Sunrise” 11th Feb 2018



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