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Teens And Sexting

Teens And Sexting

Tagged ACMA Cyber Safety FilmThis Cyber Safety Film titled “Tagged” is being made available around schools to help educate Teens about internet bullying and their digital reputations. It is produced by the ACMA, and is one of the best films I’ve seen created for Teens to alert them to the consequences of Sexting, Blogging, uploading incriminating video on YouTube and putting up revealing pictures of themselves on the internet. The acting is really convincing, and I think kids will be engaged by this film, and will certainly get the message. It was only made late last year so very up to date and current.

Please encourage your kids to watch this I certainly will be!

The film, character interviews and lesson plans for Tagged are now online at www.cybersmart.gov.au/tagged.

“When a group of high-school friends posts an online rumour about a rival, it sparks a chain reaction that leaves no one untouched. Cyberbullying, sexting, filmed fights and police action ensue—will these friends be Tagged forever?

Developed by the Australian Communications and Media Authority’s Cybersmart program, Tagged is a short film for teenagers that encourage students to discuss the core ethical obligations of going online. It explores issues like the widespread impact of cyberbullying, how internet users can manage their digital reputation and how online interactions may have real-life consequences.”

I’ve also been favoriting other Cyber Bullying/Safety Videos on my YouTube Channel so go subscribe if you want to follow them.

If you are a Teen and you feel you need to talk to someone other than your parents call the Kids Helpline its for Teens as well as juniors.

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