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How To Set Up A Parental Controlled Account On Apple Mac

How To Set Up A Parental Controlled Account On Apple Mac

Mac Parental ControlsLast week I was contracted to set up some parental controlled accounts on a clients shiny new Apple iMac. Parental controlled accounts on Apple have been around for a long time, I had one set up for each of my boys when they were around 5 and 7 years of age. I found them a very easy way of controlling what they see on the internet, and what programs they can access. I never had to run around constantly and put passwords in, and once set up, I found it very very, easy to maintain. The kids found it easy too, it was a great way to teach them about computers and allow them to have fun on them.

The video below is step by step how to set up a parental controlled account on any Apple Mac. This is a great idea for kids under 10yrs old. Keep in mind that once kids start to use the computer for school work, it can start to get onerous to keep it all operating. I’d suggest you look at other methods once they get to about 12 or 13 years of age. Enforcing time limits and helping them with computer and internet education and giving consequences for not sticking to agreements should start around that age if not before. You don’t want to be the cyber police in your own home, you will never win THAT battle once the kids get smarter than you on getting around the locks and passwords!

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